Innerdepths.net Interview - 2002

Name: Shane Seminole Mielke
Age: 29
Married: Yes
Location: Southern California, USA

1.3 Ghz PIII Laptop
512 Megs of RAM
40 Gig HD

Fav Programs:

Sleep Time: Avg. 5 hours

Personality: Hard Worker

Any Fav. Designer / Team:
I work at 2advanced.com so I would say Eric Jordan, also my other good friends Yasuto Suga - www.rayoflight.net and Douglas Arthur - www.douglasarthur.com.

A little of your background. (Self Taught / Studied / or Both):
I am self taught and have learned everything by hard work and observing how others have accomplished things.

Your source of inspiration (Media / Web Itself / Misc):
I am inspired by nature and all of its beauty.

Were you always sure you would become who you are today?:
Yes. I was always looking at other peoples sites that were getting recognition and would say to myself "I could do that". I finally found the time to do one of my own. Hard work got me a job at 2advanced and the rest is history.

If not this, then what. (in regard to your current position):
If for some reason I stopped designing I would join the police force and become a police officer or something directly related to that. Hopefully I wont have to stop designing though. I love it.

So what is Pixelranger out to set:
My goal is to be known around the world along with all of my friends ( Eric, Yasuto, Doug) who have helped me get where I am. Along the way I would also like to gain the respect of my fellow designers in the community.

No doubt your impact on upcoming designers here in Pakistan and definitely around the globe is great. would you like to say something?:
Every day is a Saturday. Keep working hard and your dreams will come true.